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26 de septiembre del 2021
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Los precios del langostino argentino se elevan en el marco del Año Nuevo Chino
Los precios del camarón rojo argentino han aumentado en China en el período previo al Año Nuevo chino, informa la publicación de la industria Seafood Guide.

Wholesale prices for whole frozen L1 shrimp have risen CNY 15-30 per box of six, 2-kilogram, 4.4-pound cartons, to CNY 620 per box ($89.82) and over, an importer told Seafood Guide.

Price rises could lift a box to CNY 650-750, the importer said, because of strong demand and clearance of stock for Chinese New Year. "Prices could rise after Chinese New Year to CNY 650-750 per box," he said.

"Actually, this wave of upside has further to go," the importer said.

China has grown to become Argentina's second-largest export market for wild-caught red shrimp, with Spain the largest. In 2018, Argentina's exports to China increased by 39% y-o-y to 47,000 metric tons (see chart one).

A lift in prices follows a weak market in China for Argentinian red shrimp, said Seafood Guide. "China's red shrimp market has generally been in the doldrums in 2019. Many importers and distributors have been losing money or selling at cost only," it said.

WeChat users disputed that the market was in recovery. "Stop dreaming. It doesn't matter if prices reach CNY 700 after the Chinese New Year. It's impossible to sell any product [after the festival]," one user commented on the article.

In the first eleven months of 2019, China imported 28,000t of Argentinian red shrimp, down 12% y-o-y, according to Chinese customs.

Last year, Argentina landed 214,000t of red shrimp, down 16% compared with 2018, according to Agroindustria (see chart two).

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Fecha de Publicación: 27 de Enero del 2020

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