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01 de julio del 2022
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GOTS devela estándar para el procesamiento de textiles orgánicos
The Organic Textile Standard Global (GOTS) ha anunciado la versión 4.0 de su norma mundialmente reconocida para el procesamiento de textiles de fibras naturales orgánicas certificadas.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) International Working Group is announcing Version 4.0 of its globally-recognized standard for the processing of textiles made from certified organic natural fibers. GOTS' core provisions such as the 70 % minimum content of certified organic fibres, bans on GMO (genetically modified organism), nanotechnology and carcinogenic substances have been maintained.

There are modified rules on the conventional 'additional fibre materials': These now may consist of regenerated, respective synthetic fibres - up to 30 % - provided they are environmentally improved and certified. GOTS is following the current knowledge that the focus on natural fibers for this additional fibre content is no longer justifiable.
Other changes include the bans on virgin polyester and of angora (recently in the headlines due to animal cruelty concerns). New criteria were adopted for specific product groups, such as textile personal care products or mattresses.
The most important addition to the social criteria that are based on the ILO key conventions (eg. banning child labour) is to take into consideration available results of various other reliable programs and certification schemes in this field.
Fuente: Fibre2fashion.com
Fecha de Publicación: 03 de Marzo del 2014

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