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Tendencias en snacks dulces
Snacks pequeños, paquetes prácticos para comer rápido y de fácil trnasporte, por ejemplo, en la guantera o en el bolsillo de la chaqueta.

When you consider how sweet snacks are developing today, in the past it used to be big bags with lots of flavour. “What we’re seeing is the trend to small, handy packs for quick and convenient eating and for keeping, for example, in the glove compartment or your jacket pocket,” says Brigitte Frommeyer, the press officer of GEPA. “Snacks to go”, you might say.

This company is responding to the situation with one of its best sellers by offering its mini-Doblito biscuits in the new 85 gram pack (previously a 330 gram pack). At the same time, they have changed the recipe – now fair trade palm oil from its trade partner Serendipalm in Ghana is used for the biscuits. They also contain fair trade raw cane sugar, quinoa crispies, brazil nuts, vanilla and honey.“This means that, at 63 per cent, the proportion of fair trade products we use is very high,” Brigitte Frommeyer maintains. For comparison: in the case of blended products like pastries or chocolate, the prescribed minimum proportion of fair trade raw ingredients in the criteria of Fairtrade International is 20 per cent.

New at GEPA are also Schoko Cookies, Honig Nuss Cookies (honey and nuts) and waffles with cashews in whole milk chocolate or with cashews in white chocolate. However, at BIOFACH you’ll find these new products at best in a corner of the company stand, since the focus this time will be on other products.

In contrast, the House of Rabenhorst is presenting a new spelt syrup biscuit with low fructose chocolate at the trade fair. This is part of the company’s low fructose product range which, the firm reports, is becoming increasingly popular. The biscuit is sweetened with 28 per cent spelt syrup, which means people with fructose malabsorbtion have no problem of toleration. “What we’re seeing at the moment is that our consumers are particularly interested in sweet products and snacks in the gluten-free, low-lactose and low-fructose category,” says Junior Brand Manager Olga Fertikov.



Frusano is also taking account of this development by offering the new lactose-free and gluten-free rice crispies, coated with organic Filita Chocolate and containing genuine Bourbon vanilla. Gluten-free is the motto at Schnitzer too. Thus, they are now adding a chocolate-coated cracker with an unusually high proportion of chocolate (50 per cent) to their gluten-free Sweet Bakery range.



Apart from these products for consumers with food intolerances, we detect another trend. “Special combinations of flavour are currently in demand,” reports Stefanie Kalide, who is responsible for sales at the company Minderleinsmühle. “An example is our chocolate spelt pretzels – savoury pretzels combined with sweet chocolate.”

Olga Fertikov confirms that people are experimenting in this segment with unusual flavours, and there’s a good reason: “Women tend to like sweet treats and are more receptive to new creations, whereas men tend to prefer something more substantial,” is how she summarises her observation of the market. “We think, however, that the classics will continue to be very popular.”



Among the classics with high turnover are, for example, the Sweet Bakery Cookie Chocolate by Schnitzer, the Zartbitter-Cranberry-Kokos-Knusper – a dark chocolate cranberry and coconut crunchy – produced by Minderleinsmühle and the Mascobado Lemon Herzen (Mascobado Lemon Hearts) and Schoko Orangen Taler – a chocolate orange shortbread – by GEPA. It’s not only the development departments in the industry that are anxious to see whether these interesting innovations will deliver an added boost to sales or will simply poach market share from the classics.

Fuente: Organic new community
Fecha de Publicación: 16 de Enero del 2014

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